The 7th IFAC Symposium on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles 2010

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Real-time Stereo Vision Obstacle Detection for Automotive Safety Application

Daniele Perrone
Sapienza University of Rome

Luca Iocchi
Sapienza University of Rome

Pier Claudio Antonello
CRF - Centro Ricerche Fiat

Road safety is an important problem that still afflicts our city roads, even though a lot of work has been done into the direction for reducing the amount of accidents. Because of the majority of accidents is due to wrong human behaviour, the safety solutions aimed to improve the intrinsic security of the driving experience, and consequently of the pedestrians, are not enough. Perception systems, that help the driver or even that give the possibility of autonomous action performed by the vehicle, are the next generation automotive safety systems, that potentially could prevent accidents strongly dependent by human errors.\\
The most common and useful perception task for the automotive application is the detection of obstacles. Such task can be achieved, with different characteristics and results, using different kinds of sensors. Our work is focused on the use of the stereo vision in order to realise the detection of obstacles in urban scenario. The use of stereo vision allows to have a cheap solution, that could be potentially mounted on commercial vehicles.\\
Giving particular attention to the performance issue, we obtained a system that well suite urban scenario, with an high operational frame rate on a low cost hardware, that allows to add more high-level module without the need of more expensive hardware.


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