The 7th IFAC Symposium on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles 2010

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Multiple Marine Vehicle Deconflicted Path Planning with Currents and Communication Constraints

Andreas Haeusler
Instituto Superior Tecnico

Reza Ghabcheloo
Tampere University of Tecnology

Antonio Pascoal
Instituto Superior Tecnico

Pedro Aguiar
Instituto Superior Tecnico

Recent research in multiple autonomous marine vehicle applications
shows that versatile path planning algorithms are of crucial
importance to cooperative control scenarios. The path planning
algorithms need to be lightweight in terms of running time and
capable of incorporating different factors which influence a
given mission, like vehicle dynamic constraints and environmental
conditions. In addition, the path planner needs to take into
account requirements imposed by multiple vehicle scenarios,
of which collision avoidance is the most important issue, but
also inter-vehicle communication constraints, among others.
Mission-related measures have to be taken into account additionally,
such as minimization of energy usage over all participating
vehicles, and simulatenous arrival of the vehicles at their
designated target destinations, to name but a few. These aspects
pose considerable challenges both from a theoretical and practical
implementation standpoint.

This paper presents a versatile path planning algorithm for
deconflicted multiple vehicle missions at sea, incorporating
single vehicle dynamical constraints as well as an inter-vehicle
communication constraint. Additionally, it takes into account
environmental conditions imposed by constant ocean currents.
The paper finishes with an outlook on important future changes of the


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