The 7th IFAC Symposium on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles 2010

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On Evaluation of Robust Autonomy for Uninhabited Vehicles and Systems

Tristan Perez
The University of Newcastle

Alejandro Donaire
The University of Newcastle

Brendan Willams
Boeing Research & Technology Australia

This paper discusses a method to quantify robust autonomy of Uninhabited Vehicles and Systems (UVS), which encompass aerospace, marine, and land operations.
Based on mission-vehicle specific performance criteria, we define a utility function which can be evaluated using simulation scenarios for an envelope of environmental conditions. The result of these evaluations is a figure of merit for operational effectiveness. The procedure is then augmented to consider faults, which leads to a figure of merit related to robust autonomy. The proposed figures of merit are interpreted within a probability framework. The objective of these figures of merit is to use them at both vehicle development stage and with hardware-in-the-loop testing at certification stage. In addition, performance indices based on dynamic and geometric tasks associated with vehicle manoeuvring problems are proposed. An example of a two-dimensional fly scenario is provided to illustrate the use of the proposed evaluation methods.


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